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If you have a business that would benefit the film community and would like to be added to our Service Directory, please send us an email, and we will be happy to list your company. Email us at: 

If you are looking for Crew or Services specifically in the Coachella Valley, visit the Greater Palm Springs Film Alliance and Film Office website.

We encourage productions filming in Riverside County to utilize our crew and service directory which showcases so many talented industry professionals that live and work in our community. However, to fill certain production needs, as a courtesy, we also include industry professionals from other Southern California locales. This ensures that productions filming in Riverside County are introduced to the best resources we can provide.


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Category 4  Accommodations
  Blythe Area
  Coachella Valley
  Corona/ Norco
  Hemet/San Jacinto
Category 5  Aerial Equipment and Operators
Category 6  Aerial Photography
Category 7  Air Charter
Category 8  Air Conditioning
Category 9  Aircraft
Category 12  Airports and Airstrips
Category 13  Airships
Category 14  Ambulance Services
Category 15  Animals and Trainers
Category 16  Animation
  Visual Effects
Category 18  Barricades
Category 194  Base Camp IT Consultants
Category 19  Boat Operators and Marine
Category 20  Casting and Extras
Category 21  Caterers
Category 22  Chamber of Commerce
Category 200  Cleaning Services
Category 23  Climbers
Category 24  Completion Bond Companies
Category 25  Computer Graphics
Category 26  Computer Rentals
Category 27  Construction
Category 28  Craft Services
Category 185  Drone Rentals
Category 29  Dune Buggies
Category 30  Editing
  Editing Equipment
  Editing Services
Category 33  Equipment Rentals
  Equipment Sound
  Music Equipment Rental
  Office Equipment
Category 183  Film Commissions
Category 36  Floral
  Plant Stylists
Category 38  Fuel, Gases & Oil Products
Category 40  Generators
Category 41  Gift Baskets
Category 42  Helicopters
Category 43  Hospitals
Category 44  Hot Air Balloons
Category 45  Insurance Companies
Category 46  Lighting Equipment Rental
Category 47  Lighting Services
Category 74  Limousines and Shuttles
Category 48  Location Services
Category 49  Location Vehicles
Category 202  Lodging
Category 62  Man-Lifts
Category 50  Medical Products
Category 59  Military Props
Category 51  Motorhomes and Dressing Rooms
Category 52  Music Composers, Film/TV
Category 189  Performance Stages
Category 190  Performers
Category 54  Photography Supplies
Category 203  Picture Car Services
Category 195  Police Rentals
Category 55  Portable Toilets
Category 56  Production Support Services
  Mobile Studio
Category 58  Props
Category 60  Recording Studios
Category 61  Rentals, Grip Equipment
Category 63  Rentals, Lighting Equipment
Category 66  Security Services
Category 67  Set Design
Category 69  Special Effects
Category 68  Studios
Category 71  Talent Agencies
Category 184  Telecommunications Equipment
Category 64  Tent Rentals
Category 72  Tortoise Handlers
Category 65  Trailer Rentals
Category 73  Transportation
Category 75  Vehicles
Category 76  Video
  Raw Stock
Category 79  Wardrobe and Costumes
Category 80  Waste Disposal
Category 81  Water Trucks
Category 82  Weather Information

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